Monday, October 17, 2005

The New Left

The concept of this blog is to be different.

If my focus is soley on being different, am I then different, or just a conformist to the idea of rebelling?

The new left, as some would call this politically - is really nothing else but the sensationalist becoming a blip on the screen before falling back to the grips of popularity. A guiding light, if you will, for the rest of the ships - yet still a member of the fleet.

To rebel outright therefore, is a statement of conformism if rebellion is the only cause.

The winds of the like will all nurture the choice of rebellion in their hearts and they will unite with this feeling - yet forces around them will always be a step ahead - citing their displayed expressions. Hollywood is a master of this. They are always a step ahead - turning the latest rebellion into the latest trend so that by the time people are looking beyond the wall, a bigger one is created.

To truly rebel... To truly be yourself - you must rid yourself of all ties which are who you are - and then rebuild them alone and with those close.

This is not done through exessive displays of pure rebellion, but through an awareness of your state in your mind - and the calculated, deep response towards change you possess.

The greatest change of all is the one which gradually springs up from society un-analysed by experts which has already countered all future challenges. This, however is no easy task - so I think a more personal/internal resistence is needed by all of us as first.

Understand your surroundings, see people for who they are, and realize you too are a social being. Conformism is inevitable at some points in life - so embrace it. Remember, sometimes the greatest conformist on the outside, is internally the strongest force of change. Once all the cameras have left and the exterior images die, the internal movement carries on and on. Only after one has held his/her views long enough, can the logical reaction be found. Sometimes through generations - calculating the next careful move each and every decade.

This is the New Left.

Speak early and get buried. Speak slowly and precisely... and watch what happens.

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