Sunday, December 04, 2005

Only for the hipsters

Well, I realize this post will probably degrade the rest of this blog for as long as it remains in the recent post list... but this is a hit I'm willing to take in order to present you, the elite listener, with some high quality music such as:

Building a Hystimine
Glucose, Glucose

ahh... so much great music. More can be found here.
There is also an online database of over 2,000 of these, located here.

This was originally posted on the wired news service, (yes, the service only the 'cool' people subscribe to) but I couldn't resist putting it here as it is such great music...

I don't know about all of you, but I plan on listening to this great music all day...

There is a question though that this raises. Is it sad that pop culture has to be disseminated down to such a ridiculous level in order to incorperate science with culture - and basic science at that? Personally, I think such questions are obviously ridiculous as said music is of the highest quality, so I guess I can't answer this question. So what if people tend to laugh or be drunk when they listen to this music? I don't see why they do such a thing, but hey, it's a free country, so if other people want to laugh and be drunk - that is their right. THIS IS AMERICA!

Anyways, I plan on listening to this music daily in order to learn all I need to about science and get my daily dose of good music. If you want to be cool, this is what you must do also.

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