Sunday, December 11, 2005

As the Holidays Approach...

I found this cartoon on Cagle and found it fitting for the holidays. Yesterday, a friend of mine(who was really drunk) wanted to try and sit on Santa Clause's lap at a mall out here in DC to wish for a championship for Marquette this year - after we lost against Wisconsin.

In line, we met a pair of kids who wanted to sit on Santas lap. One child who was probably around 8, wanted an Xbox 360. His mom though, asked him before he waited in line for santa, if he really wanted to do so and whether or not he really still believed in santa. "Aren't you a little old for him?" she asked, in what seemed like an attempt to push the child away from him.

It was obvious money was an issue, and it was obvious the child wanted what he did. Seeing this made me rather sad as I thought no longer had decent gifts and the thought that went in to them dominate. Electronics are becoming like water now, and more expensive than ever. Kids want them more and more as advertising infiltrates the house - demanding kids beg their stressed parents for them. If the TV is off, the messages will still come in - through friends who use their pressure, not knowing who is really pressuring them to do pressuring.

What about a book for the holidays? Even better, what about a book on excessive consumerism? For those younger than us, what about an educational game?

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