Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why I distrust internet blogs

Blog your feelings out and let your little world shine because EVERYONE is watching. The better you write, and the more detailed you write, the more visitors you will get. Unfortunately the last statement is a myth, just like numerous other things online. After all, who’s the last famous writer you have heard about who emerged from a blog?

The fact is, people ARE watching… just not the people you want to be watching. If you don’t believe me, look up your blogging name or the name of your blog with google, and look at how many databases your blog has been mentioned in. Most of these databases are gathered for commercial purposes. The most common reason to be entered into these databases is because you used a link to a news source, or an advertisement in your blog. The other reason is because you said the name of a product. That product name has now been sought out (thanks to google and commercial web searches) by advertisers. You are now a number.

Blogs can be a great thing for a number of reasons. My advice to you however, is avoid putting your life story on a blog as inevitably someone will track it down and use you in more ways than you will ever know. Everyone deserves their 15 or more minutes of fame, but just make sure those 15 or more minutes are not spent on the database of some famous advertising executive. Or worse yet, in the sights of others you might not want to know about your personal life. Don’t think you are ever anonymous on here.

The benefits of blogs though, can be useful also – so don’t cower away in fear. Use them to spread non-personal views like this, or promote political candidates. Just whatever you do, make sure that when you really do sit down and spend the time to type out your thoughts – it will give you that 15 minutes of fame with people you know, respect, and/or care about touching. Things that really matter cannot be clicked off the screen in a matter of seconds.

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