Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nine Inch Nails' ' Year Zero' Review

I had a chance to listen to Nine Inch Nails' new album: year zero. The new album is really an amazing backtrack into Trent's industrial roots like you wouldn't believe. He makes great use of new tech to bring back the old style and expand on it even more. In today's world, it seems extremes are what people react to -- so I think it was a good call.

I think it gets a little rough around the edges sometimes, and some songs will probably make people uncomfortable -- but that is NIN -- it has always been rough, on the darker side of things.

Looks like Trent is beginning a story as well -- I strongly doubt that this won't be followed up by another part, which is probably more clear as this second phase of his career is realized more. It is also noticeable how Trent is getting more and more political in his songs. In one of this album's songs, he speaks in a dumb voice -- obviously trying to show his discontent with the current administration. (Though I think he kind of shows himself to be a little immature, and it detracts from the album experience) It's like Trent is growing slowly with every album that comes out -- though there is a lot of naivity, obvious in the black and white picture he's painting in this album. On the end, his lyrics finally have some humility to them for once, where he admits he fucked up for not being involved. I'll let you find that spot.

I do doubt now however, that this will go along with a movie. The songs just don't work, unless it's a music video. He's basically telling a story already, so a movie wouldn't work. I've yet to look at the art though that went with the album -- though I'm sure it adds to it all. Also, it might take you a week or so to get to the core of what this haunting/cryptic album is about -- but I like that. Yes, on the surface it's obvious, and Trent is not great at writing lyrics -- but there's always a little more to the lyrics than what meets the ear immediately... even in Trent's case.

Really, this album is a test to see who the real fans are. If you've been with NIN from the start you'll like this. You'll also notice the lyrics basically growing older and away from the confused or developing stage. There are enough highs and lows -- and plenty of very interesting segments that really make you wonder if a band can get any more talented in a more creative way. If you just jumped on the bandwagon since With Teeth, you're going to hate this album -- and I mean literally despise it. There are few radio friendly songs here. The album has evolved too, since the early days -- though Trent's writing ability is still bad, the songs seem like they have taken a modern style, which is good.

Anyways, that's my opinion. I'm not going to name favorite tracks since this album is best experienced looking at the art and immersing yourself in it. Take an hour and just enjoy it -- this is truly a unique experience, which is rare today. It's refreshing to see the exit of for-radio songs also.

Oh yea, one last thing: this will be an incredible album on surround sound DVD -- and even better if some good music videos are packaged with it.

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