Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Facebook deliberately forgets to include the Swedish Pirate Party

To Diggers: I was not able to post a direct link to Facebook's blog which describes the new political affiliation tool they rolled out (since some idiot thought he was funny for joining the "Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.") Here's a direct link to their blog. You should all contact their product manager, whatever that is.

The story behind this:
At first, when I found out about this political affiliation tool, like many others, I instantly wanted to take pride in seeing the Swedish Pirate Party listed under political parties in Sweden. It's a matter of wanting to fly a flag and salute it while bowing down to this party's genius. But when I found out my political rights of free expression were stomped on by Facebook, I was outraged, so much so that I did what any real political dissenter would do. I mean I really wanted to take steps that would shake Facebook to its core. So, here it comes... I posted a message on their blog. Yes, a message on their blog. I thought it might be going to far, but I went with it anyways.

But now this is where the real story comes in: they have not allowed my posting about the legitimacy of the Swedish Pirate Party to be heard! WTF? That is why I felt the need to post on this blog I haven't used in years, and direct the righteous users of the digg community to this complete and utter mishandling of the facebook political affiliation tool. Yes, there are starving children in Africa. There are people who still need to be rick-rolled. And yes, internet porn is still out there waiting to be seen. But this is a TRAVESTY beyond comprehension that requires the immediate, absolute attention of the digg community.

I am capable of just typing in the Swedish Pirate Party in the political affiliation box... but that is not enough! This must stop now.

Here's a link to the Swedish Pirate Party, which according to Wikipedia, claims to have more members than the Green Party which is included on Facebook's drop down menu.

Disclaimer: Just because you are a member of the party, it does not mean you engage in the practices of stealing movies, games, hamsters or... NIN Ghosts, for example..

I'll post some follow ups if this actually works out. This will probably be the next biggest coup d’état in history.

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